Planetary gear motors

Planetary gear motors diameter 77_p_81 m77x40-h_pm81ln


Stall torque from 3067,0Nm to 5,10Nm

The M77x40-H electric motors are equipped with filter and one or two Hall sensors. The PM81\LN planetary gearboxes have both toothed wheels and housing made of metal.

The Hall sensors supply a signal which allows to count the number of rotations made by the motor. With two Hall sensor it is possible to determine also the rotation direction of the electric motor.

The filter, generally made of an LC-circuit, allows the electric motors to be tested in compliance with the EMC norms.

In the technical data-sheet it is possible to select the circuit with one or two Hall sensors and to request a particular set of cables or a special output gear shaft, different from the represented standard, by indicating them in the requirements form.

In the “Electric Data” table is indicated the range of working voltages of M77-H_PM81\LN planetary gear motors and are listed the performances for the most commonly used voltages, 12V and 24V.

The interactive curve allows to choose the required performances by selecting the power voltage, no-load speed and the gear ratio at one, two or three stages.


The M77x40-H_PM81\LN planetary gear motors are used in linear actuators and in automatisms of various kind.

Stages' data

1 stage 2 stages 3 stages
Perm. output torque 20 Nm 60 Nm 120 Nm
Reduction ratios range 4:1÷13:1 14:1÷89:1 50:1÷601:1
Max. backlash (in °DEG) 0.50 0.55 0.60
Operating temperature -30°C to 120°C -30°C to 120°C -30°C to 120°C
Max. load, radial (Mid output shaft) 400 N 600 N 1000 N
Max. load, axial 80 N 120 N 200 N
Max. perm. fitting pressure 1500 N 1500 N 1500 N
Gear drive length 72.80±0.50 94.45±0.50 116.10±0.50
Weight (approx.) 1.80 Kg 2.50 Kg 3.20 Kg
Electric data
Nominal voltage range 0-42 V 0-42 V 0-42 V
Standard nominal voltage 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V
No load speed
N0 [Rpm]
1500÷115.40 1500÷115.40 428.50÷16.85 500÷16.85 120÷2.50 120÷2.50
No load current
I0 [A]
4.15÷1.04 2.08÷0.52 4.15÷1.04 2.08÷0.52 4.15÷1.04 2.08÷0.52
Nominal speed
Nn [Rpm]
1484÷109 1484÷109 424÷15.94 424÷15.94 118.70÷2.36 118.70÷2.36
Nominal torque
Mn [Nm]
0.22÷0.70 0.28÷0.91 0.76÷6.23 0.76÷6.23 2.70÷42.07 2.70÷42.07
Nominal current
In [A]
7÷1.75 3.90÷0.98 7÷1.75 3.90÷0.98 7÷1.75 3.90÷0.98
Nominal power
Pn [W]
33.50÷8.10 43.50÷10.40 33.50÷8.10 43.50÷10.40 33.50÷8.10 43.50÷10.40
Stall torque
Ms [Nm]
66.20÷5.10 66.20÷5.10 454÷17.80 454÷17.80 3067÷63.80 3067÷63.80
Starting current
Is [A]
272÷17.75 136÷8.88 272÷17.75 136÷8.88 272÷17.75 136÷8.88
Max power
Pmax [W]
800÷50 800÷50 800÷50 800÷50 800÷50 800÷50
Max efficiency
ηmax [%]
78÷60 78÷60 78÷60 78÷60 78÷60 78÷60

Mechanical data

Type of duty S1
Motor weight 1.85

Configure motor

1 Gear shaft


3 Encoder

4 Set the characteristic curve

Select the default values or configure the curve as you desire

No-load RPM motor: Range: 6000÷1500
Power voltage: Range: 0-42 V
Gear ratio

Characteristic curve

Torque constant: Internal resistance:
Find out how to read the characteristic curves.

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