About Us

Ride produces DC motors and DC gear motors as well as special motors

History and expertise

Since 1996 Ride produces Dc electric motors and Dc gear motors as well as automation. During the time this philosophy has allowed the growth in both areas. This makes Ride a company with a particular development agility. 
Ride orients every efforts to point out a standard but flexible range of Dc motors, Dc worm gear motors, to adapt to new business needs.


Ride produces DC electric motors, Dc worm gear motors and planetary gear motors. Ride satisfies an increasing variety of industrial branches: motors for actuators, for door opening systems , motors for medical industry and motor for workshops , and motors for new emerging industries.

Our values

Discover our motors

DC electric motors

Dc brush motors with permanent magnets.

DC electric motors

DC gear motors

Electric dc brush gear motors with permanent magnets.

DC gear motors

Planetary gear motors

Dc brush planetary gear motors with permanent magnets.

Planetary gear motors

Direct Current Electric Motors

Ride crafts DC motors and gearmotors for every industry, ensuring tailored performance and reliability.


UNI ISO 9001

It certifies the efficiency of production processes and company organization

UL certification

Certifies electric motors approved for sale in the United States and Canada