Ride’s production quality is attested by the owned certifications.

UNI EN 9001

It certifies the efficiency of the production processes and factory organization.

UL Certification

It certifies electric motors homologated to be sold in the United States and Canada.

The presence of this mark indicates that UL has tested the product and has established that it meets UL’s safety requirements.

The UL certification concerns the construction homologation PRGY2/8 for the product: it is the most recognized and accepted safety brand in US and Canada.

UL motors and gear motors are classified in Class A (105°).

Direct Current Electric Motors

Ride crafts DC motors and gearmotors for every industry, ensuring tailored performance and reliability.


UNI ISO 9001

It certifies the efficiency of production processes and company organization

UL certification

Certifies electric motors approved for sale in the United States and Canada