Special motors

Ride develops and produces special motors. Every particular can be customized as required

Ride candidates itself as development partner for companies, which need electric motors with special features not included in the catalog of products. The personalization of one or more features of the motor concerns diameter, length, characteristic curve, front or back flange, encoder, EMC filter and cables. A particular question may require a new review in the assembly of a Dc electric motor or a Dc gear motor.


Technical office

Ride's technical office is available to found new solutions and new projects.
The knowledge of materials and the experience on treating them, allows Ride to obtain motors optimized in each detail.

New products

Ride is always dedicated to the development of the standard range of products also to guarantee a basic point to project Dc electric motors, Dc gear motors and personalized planetary gear motors.

When a standard electric motor does not satisfy the client’s request, we proceed to value the possibility to invest in a new special motor project.

Direct Current Electric Motors

Ride crafts DC motors and gearmotors for every industry, ensuring tailored performance and reliability.


UNI ISO 9001

It certifies the efficiency of production processes and company organization

UL certification

Certifies electric motors approved for sale in the United States and Canada