The DC motors for the medical industry can be applied to equipment destined to the hospital sector, therefore to the motorization of hospital beds, dentists’ seats, operating tables and much more.


An accurate design and an adequate automation of the assembly process guarantee the high production rigor of Ride’s electric motors destined to the medical industry.

There are three very important characteristics for DC motors connected to linear actuators destined to the medical industry:

  • Automation: the required quality standards and the production volumes for this market impose the development of dedicated automation
  • Low noise emissions: this is a necessary standard for the motorization of equipment destined to environments which require silence
  • Self-locking: a mechanical feature of the motor or the gear motor which allows it to resist to a rotation imposed by an external system.

The motors offered by Ride for the medical industry optimize these requirements and guarantee also qualityreliability and the availability to adapt the product to the specific needs of the market.

Direct Current Electric Motors

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UNI ISO 9001

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UL certification

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