Office furniture

The DC electric motors for office furniture can be applied in the motorization of furniture and office equipment such as adjustable desks and chairs, adjustable support for screens and TVs.


There are four important requirements for motors destined to applications for office furniture:

  • low noise emissions: a necessary standard for the motorization of equipment destined to environments which require silence
  • dimensions: motors and gear motors for these applications often require a dedicated design
  • duration: the contained dimensions often required imply that the motors and gear motors used for these applications are loaded to the limit of their electric performances with direct consequences on the lifetime of the brushes
  • self-locking: a mechanical feature of the motor or the gear motor which allows it to resist to a rotation imposed by an external system

The motors offered by Ride for office furniture applications optimize these requirements and guarantee also qualityreliability and the availability to adapt the product to the specific needs of the market.

Direct Current Electric Motors

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UNI ISO 9001

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