Interactive datasheets in PDF

To better support the consultation of the selected options in the interactive datasheets, is available the PDF format for the technical datasheet of the DC motors, DC gear motors or DC planetary gear motors in the desired configuration.

The PDF print is structured in three pages and can be visualized by pressing the button “PRINT THE TECHNICAL DATASHEET WITH THE SET DATA” under the interactive characteristic curve, in each data sheet.

In the first page, besides, above on the right, the DC brush motor, DC brush gear motor or DC brush planetary gear motor category name, are listed in a chart the main electromechanical data like the supply tension, the no load speed [Rpm], the gear ratio for the gear motors and, for the planetary gear motors, also the number of stages and the total weight, which identify the selected configuration.

In the area under the chart are shown the technical drawing with the main quotes indicating the external dimensions and, following, the selected characteristic curve.

In the second page is first shown the brush motor picture and then are collected the selected options like the motor shaft or the gear motor shaft, the EMC filter and the Encoder.

About the Encoder, it have been represented all the necessary details to define it properly, like the Hall/s sensor/s circuit, the ring magnet poles number with relative picture of the signal and the position of each cable in the standard connector.

In the third page are shown the charts with the ranges of electromechanical data, which identify the chosen DC brush motor, gear motor or planetary gear motor.