DC gear motors

Electric dc brush gear motors with permanent magnets.

The Ride DC gear motors catalog divides into subcategories.

The main classification of the Ride DC gear motors refers to the external stator diameter, in mm. Then, there is a further classification based on the gearbox, if left or right, on the axis distance between rotor shaft and gear shaft, on the gear ratio, on the presence of the Hall sensors.

Within each subcategory there are different construction options.

To better support the choice of the best DC electric brushed gear motor, Ride presents interactive, configurable datasheets.

In this way Ride thinks to the customers who need personalized DC electric gear motors, which can be anyway assembled trough consolidated and automatized processes, which guarantee competitive production costs and the reliability, indispensable in each application.

Between the offered permanent magnet DC gear motors, for each diameter it is possible to decide for the “standard” or for the “stronger” version.

The difference between “standard” or “stronger” version comes from the rotor length. Longer is the rotor, higher is the stall torque and the power the DC brushed gear motor can reach. Every DC gear motor diameter has its own characteristics, which condition the personalization opportunities and consequently the market areas in which the different versions or Ride DC brushed gear motors with permanent magnets can be used.

For example, the DC gear motors with deep drawn stator represents the most industrialized version, but also the less flexible, rather the less adaptable to special requests. Every Ride permanent magnet dc gear motor is available with and without encoder.

The encoder can have one or two Hall sensors, supplied by max 5V or max 20V, with available ring magnets with different number of poles. In each data sheet will be possible to view the motor drawing, with the most important quotes necessary to define the external dimensions, it is possible to choose the output shaft and the EMC filter, to ask for a special cable, by attaching the specifications in the request form, to set the preferred characteristic curve.

The DC brushed gear motor characteristic curve is configurable by writing in the dedicated spaces the desired No-load speed and the supply tension. Once appeared the curve it is then possible to see, for every working point, the values of torque, speed, current and efficiency to be able to evaluate then, if the DC gear motor size is correct for the application.

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