Planetary gear motors M63_PM62\LN

The planetary gear motors M63_P_62 consist in the Motors diameter 63mm in the two configurations M63x25-H and M63x55-H, assembled with the planetary gearboxes PM62/LN.

This combination represents the maximal flexibility in terms of possible personalization.

The electric motor has a stator which is built by a Yoke and two flanges, one in the front side and one in the back, which allows trough the threaded holes on it, to connect to the motor a special optical encoders or even a brake.

Furthermore the yoke allows to change, if needed, the motor length, maybe by creating magnets with a special length and so to adapt the electric motor’s external dimension to the application needs.

The combination between brushed electric motors with permanent magnets and the planetary gearboxes are the best solution to satisfy the frequent requests for the applications in which they are used like performance, life duration and external dimensions.

The big range of performances comes from the different possible lengths. In particular the version M63x55-H allows the highest stall toque values for this motor diameter.

The reached optimization of the electromechanical efficiency allowed reaching the highest values in term of working hours.

 About the external dimensions, together with the possibility of adapting the motor length, it is also important to underline the cable exit from the back flange, which allows to the planetary gear motor to be assembled in a housing a bit bigger than 63mm.

Than it’s important also to underline how the connecting flange between motor and gearbox has been designed to minimize the motor length.

About the planetary gear motor it is represented in this website the version Low Noise, called PM62LN. At the moment of the technical discussion it will be evaluated also the standard version PM62, sufficient were there are no special requests about gearbox noise.

In the two technical datasheets M63x25-H_PM62LN and M63x55-H_PM62LN it is possible to see the most important technical data relative to the planetary gearbox in the different configurations with one, two, three stages (max continuous torque, axial and radial permitted loads, gearbox length and weight), to visualize the electromechanical data of the combination DC motor + planetary gearbox, the drawing showing the external dimensions and then to configure the gear motor in the following parameter:

  • Output gearbox shaft (at the moment presented only with the standard version, but can be realized with dedicated shape, If requested).
  • EMC filter
  • Encoder with hall sensors
  • Characteristic curve

In the space for the encoder configuration, are represented all the necessary information to define it: Number of Hall sensors (one or two), electric encoder circuit, cables displacement in the connector, ring magnet number of poles and output signal.

The interactive characteristic curve can be obtained by inserting in the dedicated spaces the desired values of Supply tension, the DC Motor no load speed and by selecting from the list the gear ratio of the planetary gearbox.

As soon as the curve is traced appears above the graph also the values of electric motor internal resistance and the value of torque constant Kt and it is possible to visualize for each curve point the values of torque, current consumption speed and efficiency.

It is possible to attach files in the requests form and also to print the data sheet- PDF version.