DC Gear motors GM63-31 and GM63-35

The DC brush gear motors with permanent magnets GM63 offer the option of two different gearbox sizes, in version “right” and “left”.

The gearboxes are different in the dimensions and classify the gear motors per axis distance.

The smaller, the axis distance 31mm, the same as the one assembled on the diameter 59mm DC gear motors has four gear ratios, identified in the wording through the number of worm shaft speed, that is Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4.

Similar to the classification used for the DC brush gear motors Diameter 59mm, the DC gear motors with permanent magnet GM63 are represented by the same wording. For example, GML63-31-Z1.

The bigger gearbox, the axis distance 35mm, has tree different one-speed gear ratios and one four-speed gear ratio.

For uniformity in the wording, the classification becomes Z1 and Z4.

Some examples of the DC gear motors GM63 can be visualized in the following links:  GML63-31-Z1-H, GML63-31-Z4-H; GMR63-35-Z1-H; GML63-35-Z4-H.


Why a DC brush gear motor GM63?

The construction of the DC gear motors GM63 is characterized by the stator built with a cut yoke, in which are fixed the magnets, and a back flange.

This configuration, despite an evident, lower industrialization level compared to the DC gear motors GM59, offers higher personalization opportunities.

Following some examples:

  • The stator realized through a cut yoke and a back flange by zinc or by Aluminium allows to realize stators with different lengths, where are special needs about space or performance.
  • The back flange realized by Aluminium or by zinc is designed with the place for the encoder, which can have also two Hall sensors.
  • The stator constituted by two components, allows the assembling in the back stator-side of other applications, like, for example, an integrated brake.
  •  The back molded flange can be easily machined or re-designed according to specific requests.


In every interactive technical datasheet the DC brush gear motor can be configured by choosing between the following options:

  • Gearbox shaft
  • EMC filter
  • Encoder (in the version for which is foreseen)
  • The characteristic curve

To every interactive datasheet corresponds only one gear ratio. The gearbox shaft can be selected between the available in the provided list. Eventual other geometries can be anyway requested by specifying the details in the request form, at the end of the datasheet (It is also possible to attach files).

The available EMC filter is the standard for all the DC gear motors GM63.

Alternatively, at the moment, it’s available the version without EMC filter.

The encoder can have one or two Hall sensors and it is always placed into the motor, in the back flange. Between the options there are the supply tension of the Hall sensors and the ring magnet- poles number. 

The interactive characteristic curve is defined by inserting in the dedicated cells the values of desired No-load speed of the DC brush gear motor with permanent magnets and the Supply tension.

A soon as the curve appears, it is possible to view for each working point the values of torque, current, speed and efficiency.