Planetary gear motors

Planetary gear motors diameter 42/39_p_42 m42/39p-h_pk42


Stall torque from 338,8Nm to 1,32Nm

The M42/39-H electric motors are equipped with EMC filter and with encoder, consisting of a magnetic ring and a circuit with one or two Hall sensors.

Thanks to longer rotor and magnets, the motors M42/39P-H are stronger than the M42/39-H motors.  

The PK42 planetary gearboxes have both toothed wheels and the toothed peripheral crown made by plastic.

In the technical interactive datasheet is available the motor drawing and it’s possible to choose the gearbox shaft and the EMC filter type.

About the encoder, it’s possible to select the type and the number of the Hall sensors on the circuit, the number of poles of the magnetic ring and for each combination sensors-magnetic ring is represented the outcoming signal.

To define the characteristic curve with the preferred performances it’s sufficient to write power voltage and no-load speed and gear ratio in one, two or three stages within the indicated, allowed ranges or, more simply, it’s available the pre-defined characteristic curve.

Every selected option is saved automatically in the below enquiry form, in witch it’s possible to load files.

In the chart “Electrical Data” are indicated the performances values for the most commonly used voltages, 12V ad 24V.


The most common applications for the M42/39P-H_PK42 Dc electric planetary gear motors are generally within the automotive and the linear actuators markets.

Stages' data

1 stage 2 stages 3 stages
Perm. output torque 0.80 Nm 2 Nm 4 Nm
Reduction ratios range 4:1÷7:1 14:1÷46:1 51:1÷308:1
Max. backlash (in °DEG) 1.70 1.75 1.80
Operating temperature -15°C to 65°C -15°C to 65°C -15°C to 65°C
Max. load, radial (Mid output shaft) 15 N 30 N 45 N
Max. load, axial 5 N 10 N 30 N
Max. perm. fitting pressure 150 N 150 N 150 N
Gear drive length 59.80±0.50 72.80±0.50 85.90±0.50
Weight (approx.) 0.15 Kg 0.18 Kg 0.22 Kg
Electric data
Nominal voltage range 0-42 V 0-42 V 0-42 V
Standard nominal voltage 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V 12 V 24 V
No load speed
N0 [Rpm]
2000÷357 2000÷357 571÷54 571÷54 157÷8.10 157÷8.10
No load current
I0 [A]
2÷0.60 1÷0.30 2÷0.60 1÷0.30 2÷0.60 1÷0.30
Nominal speed
Nn [Rpm]
1952÷330 1904÷302 558÷50.10 544÷46 153÷7.50 149.30÷6.90
Nominal torque
Mn [Nm]
0.10÷0.18 0.21÷0.36 0.36÷1.20 0.73÷2.39 1.33÷8.01 2.65÷16.02
Nominal current
In [A]
3.30÷1 2.30÷0.70 3.30÷1 2.30÷0.70 3.30÷1 2.30÷0.70
Nominal power
Pn [W]
21.20÷6.30 41.40÷11.50 21.20÷6.30 41.40÷11.50 21.20÷6.30 41.40÷11.50
Stall torque
Ms [Nm]
7.70÷1.32 7.70÷1.32 50.60÷4.62 50.60÷4.62 338.80÷16.80 338.80÷16.80
Starting current
Is [A]
56÷5.84 28÷2.92 56÷5.84 28÷2.92 56÷5.84 28÷2.92
Max power
Pmax [W]
225÷21.20 225÷21.20 225÷21.20 225÷21.20 225÷21.20 225÷21.20
Max efficiency
ηmax [%]
94÷71 94÷71 94÷71 94÷71 94÷71 94÷71

Mechanical data

Type of duty S1
Motor weight 0.60

Technical drawing

Planetary gear motors diameter 42/39_p_42 m42/39p-h_pk42

Configure motor

1 Gear shaft


3 Encoder

4 Set the characteristic curve

Select the default values or configure the curve as you desire

No-load RPM motor: Range: 8000÷2500
Power voltage: Range: 0-42 V
Gear ratio

Characteristic curve

Torque constant: Internal resistance:
Find out how to read the characteristic curves.

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